The Blarney Roses Maggie Gallagher
 Walking Away Rachael McEnaney
 Can't Let Go Robbie McGowan Hickie
 Out & Jump Rep Ghazali
 Shame & Scandal In The Family Rep Ghazali
 Hi A Ma Cha Rachael McEnaney
 Walking Away Rachael McEnaney
 The Stomp Robbie McGowan Hickie
 Anti-Hero Yvonne Zielonka Hlousek
 Shoop, Shoop Yvonne Zielonka Hlousek
 Yodel A E Tee Margaret Swift
 Rubitin Maggie Gallagher
 Home Nicola Lafferty
 You’ll Find Him Francesca Gilmore
 We Own The Night Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs
 Never Ever Petra & Georg Kiesewetter
 You Can Change Mandy Schieke
 Jailhouse Creole Double Trouble
 I Love this Town Maria Wick
 Boot Camp Swing Michele Burten & Michael Barr
 Closer Mary Kelly
 Keep Your Eyes Wide Open  Sebastiaan Holtland